Winslow Safe Shop - Dishonored Fan Art

This is a game-ready environment based on the Winslow safe shop in Addermire from Dishonored 2.
It was created for my final (term 3) capstone project on Vertex School's Game Art Program. Many thanks to my industry mentor Ben Merrick for his help and tuition over the last 6 months and to Salvador Sánchez for his guidance in the labs. 

Modelled in Maya, unwrapped in Rizom VS and Maya, hero safe rigged and animated in Maya, textured with Photoshop and Substance Designer. Rug and welcome mat photos sourced from and changed into PBR textures with Substance Sampler. The rumpled velvet mat inside the hero safe was created using a Zbrush cloth simulation. The CCTV Post Process was based on a tutorial I found online but I modified it to create a more realistic look and flicker. Shaders, staging, lighting, cinematic animation and scene renders all in Unreal Engine 5.1. Standalone renders and breakdowns using Marmoset Toolbag and Photoshop. Cinematic edited and rendered in Premiere. The awesome cinematic music is Dramatic Epic by Lexin_Music (Aleksey Chistilin) on Pixabay. (
My main concept art reference was a piece by Aimé Jalon and I also own the Dishonored 2 art book. I revisited the game and gathered reference with screen captures. Whilst blocking out, I decided to move several key elements to create better composition for my still renders.
The Dishonored games were hugely influential to me and really opened my eyes to the power of environmental storytelling in games. This artwork is a tribute to the brilliant work of Arkane Studios in bringing this world to life. This is a fan art piece and all copyright relating to the Dishonored games rests with the original copyright holders.