Australian Art Deco Pub

This is a game-ready art deco Australian Pub (fictitious but inspired by a number of real pubs in Sydney.)

It was created for my Term 2 capstone project on Vertex School's Game Art Program. Many thanks to my industry mentor Ben Merrick for his help and tuition over the last 3 months and to Salvador Sánchez for his guidance in the labs. 
Modelled and unwrapped in Maya, textured using Photoshop, Substance Designer and Painter, staging, lighting and cinematic/beauty renders all in Unreal Engine 5.1. All textures are 2k or less.

The flag is animated using a cloth simulation. The disco lights and swaying cables are animated shaders created in Unreal. The traffic light is a blueprint which has the light sequencing animated within it.

Everything was made by me with the exception of the trees, plants, cigarette ends and the rocky texure on the islands which are all from Megascans.